Norman Skene - The Design of Classic Yachts

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Norman Skene

The Design of Classic Yachts

Sprache: Englisch

Umschlag: Broschur

Erscheinungsjahr: 2012

100 Seiten

with numerous drawings and pictures

Format: 210 mm x 148 mm

ISBN/EAN: 9783954271450


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This book from 1905 was intended to be a concise and practical presentation of the processes involved in designing a classic yacht of these times. This handbook was thoroughly intended to be practical in character, all mathermatics and theoretical presentations having been eleminated as far as possible, so that the operations may readily be grasped by men without technical education.

A special feature of this book is the series of curves for determining the proportions of sailing yachts of various sizes.

The different operations involved in designing a sailing yacht are illustrated in the text by work on the 30-foot water line sloop whose plans are given in full. The complete data on this design is also given in the appendix.