George Manby - Journal of a Voyage to Greenland

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George Manby

Journal of a Voyage to Greenland


Sprache: Englisch

Umschlag: Broschur

Erscheinungsjahr: 2012

268 Seiten

Format: 210 mm x 148 mm

ISBN/EAN: 9783954272259

Preis (inkl. 7% USt.): 31.90 € (D, A, CH)

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Captain George William Manby (1765-1854) was an English author and inventor, who dedicated his work to the improvement and saving of lives on sea. In 1821, Manby and his friend, arctic explorer William Scoresby sailed to Greenland. They wanted to test a newly invented whaling harpoon. Their project was never realized due to the protests of native whalers. Manby's descriptions of his voyage to Greenland were published under the title "Journal of a Voyage to Greenland" in 1823. His account includes a travel report, observations on the arctic flora and fauna and an overview of the practice of whale hunting.

Reprint of the original edition.