Adrian Neison - Practical Boat Building for Amateurs

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Adrian Neison

Practical Boat Building for Amateurs

Designing and Building Wooden Sailing Boats, Canoes and Kayaks

Sprache: Englisch

Umschlag: Broschur

Erscheinungsjahr: 2015

116 Seiten

fully illustrated

Format: 210 mm x 148 mm

ISBN/EAN: 9783954274673

Preis (inkl. 7% USt.): 19.90 € (D, A, CH)

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The skill necessary to build a boat of some form which will be serviceable and pleasurable is possessed by few amateurs, and as boats and canoes are now so extensively used in athletic and other amusements, and the followers of the rod and gun ?nd them almost indispensable in certain varieties of these pursuits, no doubt very many amateurs would like a little information which would assist them to construct such things. The reason, perhaps, why amateurs do not more often try their skill on boat-building is because there are technical difficulties which seem to throw a barrier in the way of all who do not care, or have not the time, to spend on a thorough study of the subject. Such an idea is a mistake, for boat-building is well worth the amateur's attention; for it is really a simple craft, not requiring nearly so much skill and technical knowledge as good joiners work. For instance, anyone who can make a box or a table would he able to make an ordinary punt. This book explains and shows how to build smaller wooden boats.